MnM Consulting understands that to change EVERYTHING, it takes EVERYONE. To reach a true triple bottom line, it will take a seismic shift in the way Americans conceptualize our lives from the smallest everyday choices to the largest infrastructure investments stretching from coast to coast.

The environmental sustainability discussion must become synonymous with the best interests of people where they live right now. At MnM Consulting, we’re working with small businesses, local community groups, religious organizations, elected officials, and committed individuals to bring the focus away from distant predictions to right now solutions. These solutions are aimed at creating green jobs and healthy communities, building local economies, shoring up our national infrastructure, securing our energy independence and addressing the environmental justice issues affecting vulnerable populations in the United States and around the world.

Contact MnM Consulting to discuss how we can help your business or organization begin or refine an environmental sustainability campaign or project based on this core principle. We can help with key deliverables such as written environmental blogs or articles, setting up an educational public outreach campaign, conducting grant-related research, hosting informational sessions for stakeholders, organizing promotional events and more.